Welcome To TradingSystem.org

TradingSystem.org is a  for profit organization focused on bringing high quality automated futures trading systems to the market. Our mission is to provide only the best automated trading systems we can find and offer them at a reasonable rate. Our goal is to become a leading information hub for automated trading strategy design and implementation.

Our primary mission is to contribute to the automated trading community by providing high quality trading systems, strategies and examples of coding styles including best/worst practices. Ultimately, it is our chief desire to provide the best automated futures & options trading education on the internet.
When it comes to Automated Trading Systems, there is no shortage of incomplete or faulty systems. Many vendors offer as many systems as they can find, taking a shot gun approach to trading system marketing. We intentionally have done the opposite, only offering what is in our opinion, the best trading system(s) we can find.

The toughest bridge to gap in Automated Trading Systems is the trust factor. We have intentionally decided to offer our trading systems with a 30 Day Free trial, so that our potential clients can have an adequate amount of time to trade the systems before paying for the licensing fee. There is no question, our licensing fee is not cheap – however we do feel that you get what you pay for in Automated Trading Systems designed for the Commodity Futures Market.

If we deliver a quality trading system at a reasonable price, then our customers will be happy and our company will succeed. We are in this for the long haul and plan on being around for many years to come. This is only possible if we provide excellent customer service, trading signals that do well & that are easy to use (supported by vetted auto-execution brokers).

While we do not guarantee that any account will experience positive returns or that any account will not suffer losses, we will treat all of our customers with respect & integrity. Practically speaking, this means we will answer phone calls & emails within a reasonable period of time and will always provide the required risk disclaimers – always attempting to under-promise and over-deliver. In addition, we will always provide the most up to date trade lists from the simulated account, winners & losers. Our results will always include slippage and commission charged by the auto-execution brokers.
email: sales@tradingsystem.org

phone: 1.800.380.6793

Our virtual office is located at : 2534 State Street Suite #411 | San Diego, CA 92101

This is where we receive all company mail. The office can be used for meetings with clients and reception, however our Design, Marketing, Compliance & Sales Functionality work remotely from three separate states.

Our R&D Team is in the early stages of developing a machine learning algorithm, which would trade primarily the S&P Emini’s. This in still in the feasibility stage – but is being targeted for release by approximately May 2007.
Trading system design and implementation is wrought with various pit-falls. TradingSystem.org believes it has a solid methodology to validate third party trading systems and is currently developing a Gold Standard AlgoGrader test methodology that can be applied to any trading system in order to determine it’s probability of future success. It is our hope to have it completed and ready to evaluate third party trading systems by January of 2017.

Skill Set Includes



Perl, C, C++, Java, Tcl, Tk, Easy Language, MATLAB, Object Oriented, Aspect Oriented, Verilog, VHDL

Trading Experience

With Varying Degrees of Success:

Day-Trading, Swing Trading, Iron Condors, Covered Calls, Technical Trading

Automated Trading

Techniques Used:

Back-Testing, Walk-Forward, Optimization Best Practices, Application Of Options in Futures Trading Systems

Algorithm Design

Algorithms Implemented:

Candlestick Pattern Recognition, Sequential Trade Algorithms, Finite State Machines (programmable & static)

Trading System Evaluation

Styles Evaluated

Easy Language, Black-Box, Tradestation & Options

Options Trading Systems

Modeling Techniques:

Established Tools & Techniques to Evaluate a Futures Algorithm on the Options Equivalent